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CHEMAWARE™ Solvents Training

It is important that you and your staff fully understand how to use and handle the solvents used in the SAFE-TAINER™ System. Univar and SAFECHEM can provide comprehensive in-house training for the safe handling and usage of solvents.

Each training is specific to the chemical in use and that is available on the customers facility for up to 20 attendees. Items covered by the training include:

Chlorinated Solvents & Modified Alcohols

Univar and SAFECHEM can provide consultation on all issues related to the use of chlorinated solvents and modified alcohols, from handling practices to the optimisation of the cleaning process or implementation of new solvents and cleaning solutions.

CHEMAWARE Lab Services

In most cases, fast on-site solvent tests will provide adequate information for re-stabilisation. However, it is also beneficial to carry out a Solvent Analysis and or an Oil Compatibility Test using the CHEMAWARE lab services.

In some cases, the cause for rapid MAXIBOOST™ consumption or insufficient cleaning efficiency may often only be determined by means of a comprehensive laboratory testing.

Service Elements

During the cleaning process, the solvents can become contaminated due to cooling lubricants, oils and greases as well as their decomposition products. Using MAXICHECK™ Test Kits and MAXISTAB™ stabiliser Solvent Additives are used to guarantee the effectiveness of the cleaning machine and extend the life of the solvent.

When using DOWPER™ products it is sometimes necessary to use the MAXISTAB™ Stabiliser to prevent rapid solvent degradation.