COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing

Do less for more with COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing

COMPLEASE™  Chemical Leasing by SAFECHEM provides a personalised package that allows you to do less for more parts cleaning and covers several tasks involved in parts cleaning. From supplying you with the necessary chemicals, supporting you to improve cleaning results and optimise your consumption, to taking care of waste management and even including bath changes. All this for a fixed monthly rate.

How it works

With COMPLEASE™ you don't buy solvents anymore - you buy a personalised performance package that leaves nearly all the administration work to us. It is an innovative business model that enables you to choose a cost-transparent and an economically valuable combination for you.

By using COMPLEASE™ you pay a fixed monthly payment that has been tailored to your usage needs and covers the cost and delivery of all solvents, as well as the collection and disposal of the used solvents.