Quality is the foundation stone of our pyramid of values. First of all, because we serve very demanding industries. Like the aerospace industry, where quality is synonymous with passenger safety, the automotive industry, where quality is key for profitability, or luxury brands where it means reputation… And secondly, in order to gain the long-term trust of our customers, there can be no compromise on the quality of our products and services.

Business done responsibly

Risk Management

 There is an important, yet all too often forgotten difference between risk and hazard. Certain applications require a set of chemical properties – and the second-best alternative always comes with a trade-off, either on quality or on profitability, and sometimes even on the environmental reputation of the company.

Implementing proper risk management can allow our society to benefit from the advantages of highly effective chemicals in a safer and more sustainable way.


Collaboration is a way of being for us: we regard our distributors and customers as our partners. Of course, a close relationship is the only way to satisfy demanding needs. But it is not just that we see our customers' requirements and challenges as opportunities – engaging and understanding them is always fruitful work.

We are a service company, and we work hand in hand with a wide range of partners to increase the satisfaction of our clients: cleaning equipment manufacturers, waste managers, oil producers, authorities, distributors and associations, to name just a few.