A Partnership for the future

Univar Specialty Consumables are a SAFECHEM UK distributor. We work closely with SAFECHEM to provide outstanding service and customer support. As global leaders in chemical distribution, we are a perfect fit when it comes to distribution of the SAFE-TAINER™️ System and service elements.

Our close relationship with SAFECHEM means we can offer technical support and advice on process improvements and making the switch from Aqueous to Solvent cleaning.

Solvent v Aqueous

Do you know the advantages of solvent over aqueous cleaning?


Safe and Sustainable Solvent Cleaning

At Univar we pride ourselves on supplying safe and sustainable solutions to our customers. That is why we chose the SAFE-TAINER™ System from SAFECHEM.

The SAFE-TAINER™ System provides a safe, state-of-the-art delivery method for solvent-based closed cleaning machines used in industrial metal cleaning.

Developed by SAFECHEM it is considered to be the Best Available Technology for safe and sustainable transport, storage and handling of solvents.

How to select the right metal cleaning agent

Click below to see the 10 key questions to consider when choosing the right cleaning agent.


How the System Works

The SAFE-TAINER™ System consists of two different containers that are designed for their respective purpose. One container holds a supply of fresh solvent that is drawn into the cleaning system; the other is empty and collects the old, used solvent. Each container contains a drum with a capacity of 216.5 litres.

This solution allows the safe transfer of fresh material and allows the user to safely return the used solvent to be recovered in an accredited professional recycling facility.

Seizing Full Benefits Of Solvent Cleaning While Managing Risks With The SAFE-TAINER™ System